Personal Injury

The Epidemic of Distraction-Related Car Accidents

Driver distraction kills more than 3,000 people every year according to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). When thousands of people are killed in the United States every year resulting from one cause, you could conclude that distracted drivers are an “epidemic.” Fortunately, there is a “cure” for this epidemic…. read more

“Celebrate” Campaign for Safe Driving

State Farm Insurance recently implemented a campaign to promote safe driving among high school students called “Celebrate My Drive.” According to State Farm, the campaign is meant to appreciate the coming of age achievement of driving, yet provide a sobering reminder about the responsibility such a rite of passage carries. Teen driving car accident statistics… read more

Insurance Companies Are Bringing Big Brother to Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases almost always involve questions about how badly people are injured, and the cause of their injuries. One of the key types of evidence used to prove or disprove injuries are medical records. While medical records are usually private, people have to give up their medical privacy when they make an injury claim…. read more

Powerful Short Film Shows Cost of Texting and Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are now well known. Starting on October 1st, Florida will finally join the ranks of states which prohibit it. Given that, it’s an opportune time to mention a short film on the subject released last month by legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog. Herzog’s film, From One Second to the… read more

The Cram Down: When The Money Available Isn’t Enough

Many people have an image of personal injury lawyers fighting for verdicts before juries in court. Undoubtedly, that is a critical part of what we do. But there is another less glamorous but equally important role we can play: helping with the inadequate settlement. It’s no secret that many people driving in Florida have inadequate… read more