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Are Sleepy Drivers as Dangerous as Drunk Drivers?

Most people know that drunk drivers create an extreme danger for other road users. But, what many fail to notice is that sleepy drivers may be just as dangerous. In fact, accorded to a news article published by ABC Action News, “Studies show a driver running on six hours of sleep or less performs at… read more

Don’t Believe Hand-Wringing About Florida Workers’ Comp Expenses

By: Morgan Gaynor A few months ago, injured workers won two legal victories in Florida workers’ compensation cases before the Florida Supreme Court. Last week, the inevitable corporate push-back opinion appeared. Mark Wilson, the President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, wrote a column in theTampa Bay Times condemning the court decisions and… read more

Why is the Number of Roadway Fatalities Increasing?

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the fatalities on United States roads increased in 2015, and now, the National Safety Council states more passengers, pedestrians, and drivers have suffered fatal injuries in just the first six months of 2016 than in previous years. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimated that nearly 19,100 individuals died… read more

Labor Day Weekend Safety: Drunk Driving Accidents

Roman & Gaynor wishes everyone a happy Labor Day weekend! If you and your loved ones have plans to celebrate the upcoming holiday weekend, our team of personal injury lawyers would like to remind you about the importance of making safety a priority. Statistically, Labor Day weekend has been shown to be one of the… read more

Let’s End the Confusion About Bikes and Traffic

Part of our firm’s practices is representing people who suffer injuries aspedestrians orbicycle riders. We see a large number of preventable accidents in these cases. Unfortunately, many people make tragic mistakes because they don’t understand the rights and responsibilities of bike riders and drivers. Here are a few common misconceptions: Bicycle riders using a road… read more

Back to School Safety Month: Make Safety a Priority

Summer is coming to end and kids across the country are returning, or preparing their return, to the classroom. The month of August is also Back-to-School Safety Month! If your child is going back to school, Roman & Gaynor would like to remind you about the importance of making safety a top item on your… read more

Back to School Safety Tips for Children Who Walk to School

With the school year approaching quickly, many families are getting ready to wave their children off to their first day of school. While many children are taken to school by family members or by bus, other students walk to and from school. While this can be a healthy, daily form of exercise, it can be… read more

Can You Recognize The Signs of a Concussion?

Chances are you’ve heard of concussions, especially if you’ve played sports. Although many people don’t feel concussions are serious injuries, it’s important to remember that they are in every way a form of traumatic brain injury. Whether you and your children enjoy contact sports and are gearing up for football season or an unpredictable accident… read more

Catch a Pokemon, Not an Injury

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Pokemon Go game by now. The game, which downloads to a smart phone as an app, allows one to visit various sites where various characters will appear on your phone screen. The app has become hugely popular in the last few weeks, with players flocking… read more

July is Wrong Way Driving Awareness Month

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has designated July asWrong Way Driving Awareness Month. Wrong way driving collisions occur when vehicles fail to observe pavement markings and posted traffic signs and proceed into a lane going the wrong direction. The majority of wrong way driving collisions are head-on, resulting in three-quarters of… read more