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Please Support Florida Bill to Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists

There is good news for Floridabicyclists,pedestrians, and others who share the road with motor vehicles. A bill to protect “vulnerable users” on our roads is under consideration in the Florida legislature. If it passes, motorists who commit traffic infractions and injure others will face enhanced fines and penalties, including license suspension in some cases. The… read more

Anti-Vaccine Debate Illustrates Misuse of Expert Testimony

Americans were alarmed to hear that there was an outbreak of measles at Disneyland in California recently. Health officials are attributing the outbreak, at least in part, to relatively low vaccination rates among some groups of children. Even 2016 presidential candidates are now being asked for their views on whether vaccination for children should be… read more

More Information About the GM Recall for Consumers

We recently commented on the GM vehicle recall. This recall was necessary because of a safety hazard posed by GM ignition switches. For the benefit of our clients and the public, we are posting the list of recalled vehicles below. Product Part Vehicles (Recall Repair for Faulty Ignition Switch not Performed Before Accident) Chevrolet HHR… read more

Narcissism and the Expert Witness: A Perfect Storm

I’ve commented before about medical expert witnesses who testify regularly for the defense industry. Those experts are paid large sums of money to testify against injured people and oppose their claims. One might wonder whether experts of this type ever got bothered by what they do. Might they feel some remorse if their testimony is… read more

Attorney Mark Roman Says Palm Harbor Hit-And-Run Wasn’t Self Defense

In a recent news report, the driver of an alleged hit-and-run accident said that he acted under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Attorney Mark Roman, who represents the victim, doesn’t buy the defendant’s assertion. Mark said, “Stand your ground is all the rage among defense attorneys these days. It seems that people think you can… read more

Florida Will Fund Coast To Coast Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail

There is great news coming out of Tallahassee for pedestrians and bicyclists. Our state Department of Transportation will be spending about $16 million over the next several years to create a continuouspedestrian trail from the west to east coast of Florida. This trail, known as the Coast to Coast Connector, will fill in the gaps… read more

5 Tips for Staying Safe This Summer

Summer will arrive this year on June 21, and with it will come outdoor activities, fireworks, and more. In preparation for summer, Roman & Gaynor has provided a list of 5 tips you need for a safe summer. Protect Yourself from the Sun – Sunburns are often a normal part of summer, and while they… read more

June Is National Safety Month!

June is national safety month sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC). This year’s theme is “Safety: It Takes All of Us” and focuses on informing the public on steps they can take to reduce their risk of getting in an accident. When everyone does their part, accidents can be avoided. Each week the NSC… read more

“Affluenza” Defendant Will Not Go Unpunished Thanks to Civil Justice System

Last year, a juvenile caused a terrible car accident in Texas which killed four people and injured several others. When he was criminally prosecuted, his lawyers presented a “affluenza” defense. They argued that their juvenile client had poor judgment and a sense of entitlement because his wealthy parents did not do enough to discipline him…. read more

Injury Prevention in Youth Sports

Safety in youth sports is everyone’s responsibility. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 2.6 million youth sports injuries annually. Break it down and that’s over 7,000 child sports injuries every day in the United States. A majority of American children participate in some form of youth sports. Many play soccer, others are… read more