Settlement in DUI Accident

An active retiree was seriously injured in a catastrophic T-Bone collision when a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .273, more than three time the legal limit, ran a red light, resulting injuries to our client including a fractured clavicle, multiple rib fractures, and serious injury to both knees. Roman & Gaynor obtained tender of all insurance policy limits available in the amount of $110,000 within 30 days.


Auto Accident Resulting In Ruptured Bicep Tendon

An accident caused by careless driving left our client with a ruptured bicep tendon which required surgery. Roman and Gaynor were able to secure there client the $100,000 policy limit after settlement.


Failure To Yield Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender

Roman and Gaynor’s client was a passenger in her husbands car when it was struck by a driver who neglected to properly yield. She sustained neck injury in this accident and Roman & Gaynor secured $100,000 policy limit promptly.


Neck And Back Injuries Resulting From Car Accident Result In $100,000 Settlement

Due to an automobile accident, the client injured his neck and back. Settlement was reached with the at fault party for $100,000.


Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender.

After a serious accident involving Roman and Gaynor’s client being rear-ended, they were able to reach full recompense of the $100,000 policy limit promptly for their client.


Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Settlement

On the drive home from a Spring Break family vacation on US Route1, a father was slowing down attempting to make a right turn. There were two cars following him at the time. The car immediately behind him slowed and maintained a safe distance. Unfortunately another driver did not, violently pushing the middle vehicle into the families’ 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. He was treated several days later with a group of physicians. The MRI findings concluded he had a permanent injury to his lumbar spine. He underwent a series of injections and RFA’s and ultimately had a trial spinal cord stimulator implant. The defendant’s insurance company settled for $100,000.

Confidential Settlement

Wrongful Death of Disabled Child at Foster Home

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a confidential settlement for the mother of a boy who drowned in the swimming pool of his foster care providers. The mother was led to believe that his needs were being met by “specialists.” Tragically, the boy wandered into a swimming pool while his care provider fell asleep.

Confidential Settlement

Severe laceration from glass that broke during an exercise at an athletic training facility.

A young man, while working out at an athletic training facility, sustained a severe laceration from glass that broke during an exercise. A window shattered when an instructor ran into it. The client required multiple surgeries. The insurer for the facility denied coverage. We immediately filed a lawsuit. Shortly thereafter, the insurance company filed a Federal lawsuit arguing that their policy of insurance did not cover this incident. We successfully fought their arguments and the Federal Judge ruled in our favor. We continued with our lawsuit in Circuit Court and following very extensive discovery and depositions, the case was settled for a confidential amount on the eve of trial.